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How To Clean Fabric Blinds

how to clean fabric blinds

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  • A textile is a flexible material consisting of a network of natural or artificial fibres often referred to as thread or yarn. Yarn is produced by spinning raw wool fibres, linen, cotton, or other material on a spinning wheel to produce long strands.

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  • window coverings, especially vertical blinds, wood blinds, roller blinds, pleated blinds

  • Deprive (someone) of understanding, judgment, or perception

  • Confuse or overawe someone with something difficult to understand

  • A window blind is a type of window covering which is made with slats of fabric, wood, plastic or metal that adjust by rotating from an open position to a closed position by allowing slats to overlap. A roller blind does not have slats but comprises a single piece of material.

  • The blinds are forced bets posted by players to the left of the dealer button in flop-style poker games. The number of blinds is usually two, but can be one or three.

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Belvedere College

Belvedere College

In this extract from 'Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man' his vocation arises:

Whatever he had heard or read of the craft of Jesuits he had put aside frankly as not borne out by his own experience. His masters, even when they had not attracted him, had seemed to him always intelligent and serious priests, athletic and high-spirited prefects. He thought of them as men who washed their bodies briskly with cold water and wore clean cold linen. During all the years he had lived among them in Clongowes and in Belvedere he had received only two pandies and, though these had been dealt him in the wrong, he knew that he had often escaped punishment. During all those years he had never heard from any of his masters a flippant word: it was they who had taught him Christian doctrine and urged him to live a good life and, when he had fallen into grievous sin, it was they who had led him back to grace. Their presence had made him diffident of himself when he was a muff in Clongowes and it had made him diffident of himself also while he had held his equivocal position in Belvedere. A constant sense of this had remained with him up to the last year of his school life. He had never once disobeyed or allowed turbulent companions to seduce him from his habit of quiet obedience: and even when he doubted some statement of a master he had never presumed to doubt openly. Lately some of their judgments had sounded a little childish in his ears and had made him feel a regret and pity as though he were slowly passing out of an accustomed world and were hearing its language for the last time. One day when some boys had gathered round a priest under the shed near the chapel, he had heard the priest say:

-- I believe that Lord Macaulay was a man who probably never committed a mortal sin in his life, that is to say, a deliberate mortal sin. Some of the boys had then asked the priest if Victor Hugo were not the greatest French writer. The priest had answered that Victor Hugo had never written half so well when he had turned against the church as he had written when he was a catholic.

-- But there are many eminent French critics, said the priest, who consider that even Victor Hugo, great as he certainly was, had not so pure a French style as Louis Veuillot. The tiny flame which the priest's allusion had kindled upon Stephen's cheek had sunk down again and his eyes were still fixed calmly on the colourless sky. But an unresting doubt flew hither and thither before his mind. Masked memories passed quickly before him: he recognised scenes and persons yet he was conscious that he had failed to perceive some vital circumstance in them. He saw himself walking about the grounds watching the sports in Clongowes and eating slim jim out of his cricket cap. Some Jesuits were walking round the cycle track in the company of ladies. The echoes of certain expressions used in Clongowes sounded in remote caves of his mind.

His ears were listening to these distant echoes amid the silence of the parlour when he became aware that the priest was addressing him in a different voice.

-- I sent for you today, Stephen, because I wished to speak to you on a very important subject.

-- Yes, sir.

-- Have you ever felt that you had a vocation? Stephen parted his lips to answer yes and then withheld the word suddenly. The priest waited for the answer and added:

-- I mean, have you ever felt within yourself, in your soul, a desire to join the order? Think.

-- I have sometimes thought of it, said Stephen. The priest let the blind cord fall to one side and, uniting his hands, leaned his chin gravely upon them, communing with himself.

-- In a college like this, he said at length, there is one boy or perhaps two or three boys whom God calls to the religious life. Such a boy is marked off from his companions by his piety, by the good example he shows to others. He is looked up to by them; he is chosen perhaps as prefect by his fellow sodalists. And you, Stephen, have been such a boy in this college, prefect of Our Blessed Lady's sodality. Perhaps you are the boy in this college whom God designs to call to Himself. A strong note of pride reinforcing the gravity of the priest's voice made Stephen's heart quicken in response.

-- To receive that call, Stephen, said the priest, is the greatest honour that the Almighty God can bestow upon a man. No king or emperor on this earth has the power of the priest of God. No angel or archangel in heaven, no saint, not even the Blessed Virgin herself has the power of a priest of God: the power of the keys, the power to bind and to loose from sin, the power of exorcism, the power to cast out from the creatures of God the evil spirits that have power over them, the power, the authority, to make the great God of Heaven come down upon the altar and take the form of bread and wine. What an awful power, Stephen!

A flame began to flutter again on Stephen's cheek as he heard in this proud a



I’m not an avid fan of Timbuk2 bags. I’m just a RABID about it! And NO, I don’t have a horrifying or terrifying story to tell. Just a complaint or two! But first, let’s get on with the background and, on the last part, the complaints.

Background – The Realization

Part I – The Blind Date – Love at First Sight or Fated to Meet?

Last quarter of 2008... I did not know that there was such a bag named Timbuk2. I have an Oakley AP Pack which I use, but found it too large and heavy to lug around every day. I needed an everyday bag, and needed one badly... So, I decided to look around for a replacement and considered a Crumpler messenger bag but found it too flashy to bring. I am a boring person and I don’t want flashy stuff.

After days (or months?) of searching, I stumbled upon a bag store, Bratpack, in the mall. In it were bags of quality and of different brands! A sales staff showed me two Timbuk2 Ballistic Messenger Bags, one with a Navy/Blue/Navy and the other, an Army/Spinach/Army color combination. I said, No, I am not interested in funny-colored bags and that am looking for a plain black bag. She was adamant that I get even the blue one! So to get her off my back, I dared her to show me a Black/Black/Black Combination. And voila! As if fate willed it, there was one Black/Black/Black Small Messenger Bag lying innocently at the bottom of the box! Exactly the one I was looking for!

Guess what happened next! No further questions asked and no hesitations, I paid for the Black Messenger bag up to my last peso. Hey! The bags ain’t cheap, but are - read my lips - FAR MORE WORTH IT! Good thing, my girlfriend was with me and was able to give me some money for my fare that day!

I enjoy using it every day, even for my travels. In the plane, I sling the bag on my shoulder while it lies secured on my lap, and yet still won’t be a nuisance to my seatmate. Furthermore, as my work is with an online game provider, and I have to attend events that require me to have a bag that I could just sling on my back securely since I keep the event prizes in my possession. The bag’s cross strap solved this concern for me!

Part II – The Romance – Love's grown deep

With my established interest with Timbuk2 Bags, I check the T2 site daily with regards to New Additions and Promos - too bad I am in the Philippines and cannot get to your Weekend Sales in the SF Factory, poor me!

One day, I stumbled upon a local Promo and joined the contest. End result, I won a Medium Commute Messenger Ballistic Fabric. I now have 2 bags! My sister and one of my brothers alternately use the Classic Messenger while I ended up using the Commute. Rain or shine, the Commute was faithful to keeping my laptop and other paraphernalia clean and dry!

To add, when my girlfriend needed to change her bag (She used to have an Oakley Pouch). She did not hesitate to get a Metro Messenger for herself.

And now, on to the complaints...

Complaints: No Divorce Necessary - and never will!

1. You make such perfect bags that, my sister and brother are already using one of my bags and I am having such a hard time “borrowing back” my Black Messenger, it’s MY BAG after all!
2. I can’t stop people from staring at my Commute Messenger – it’s as if they’ve just seen the best bag in the whole world!
3. Do you offer Psych Evaluation to people addicted to your bags? How about rehab? If you do, please add me up, here’s my Contact Information:

how to clean fabric blinds

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